Private Dining Rooms

“Up the stairs of our humble Victorian terrace building, you’ll find two intimate and eclectic dining spaces, ideal for all your private dining needs.
Come on a journey with us…”




The Private Dining Room.

Our Private Dining Room is located on the first floor overlooking Nicholson Street. We can seat up to 12 guests around our beautiful antique banquet table.

The room boasts a 1960 Kriesler Master Multisonic record player, so you can bring your own vinyls, borrow ours or plug in a digital device for the soundtrack of your choice.

It’s like going to your Nan’s for dinner, except there’s a waiter, a killer wine list, no Bing Crosby on the stereo (unless you want it) and the food is on point!

The Red Room

Our smaller private dining room, named The Red Room after its bright red carpet, is also located on the first floor, and seats 4-6 guests…perfect for intimate small group dining.  It’s the perfect spot to share a few bottles and work your way through a food and wine journey.